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My Dryer Vent Guy
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About My Dryer Vent Guy

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A Professional Gent To Clean Your Vent
My Dryer Vent Guy
Serving Upstate New York

If you have any questions what so ever
about your dryer vent or dryer vent
safety please feel free to call us

My cleaning procedure uses a rotary brush system combined with forced air. The rotary brush scrubs the wall of the vent pipe and provides a much more thorough cleaning than compressed air alone. In addition to cleaning the dryer pipe, I also scrub the lint screen, clean the lint trap, the exit tube, behind, around and under the dryer. Most importantly I also clean the accessible areas inside the dryer cabinet. I am the only dryer vent cleaner in Upstate New York that cleans the accessible cavities of the dryer in addition to the dryer vent piping. I encourage you to compare my cleaning procedures, equipment and prices with any other dryer vent cleaner in the area.

We Educate All of Our Customers.
Not only will you receive quality expert service, but you will also learn how to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently to prevent fires and save money on your utility bills. We are committed to educate you of the hazards within a dryer vent in addition to performing an important service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Significantly Reduces Fire Hazard.

My Dryer Vent Guy
Schenectady, NY, 12305, US