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About Skin2ition

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Our Company
When we first started this company it was purely for the reason of wanting great products to use on our skin and hopefully have the opportunity to share these formulations with others. Now it has become so much more. By sharing these products with the world we can directly help people in need. Our desire to help has fueled our desire to have success in our skin care company with the idea that with our success, we can help people. Many of the organizations that are continuously helping our communities were largely requesting basic hygiene products. We have decided to launch our Skin2ition 4 U 2 campaign, which contributes one full size product to someone in need for every single product that we sell.

That means that every time you purchase one of our products you are helping someone who also needs a safe natural product to use. We donate mostly the necessary items like our hair & body wash, hair conditioner, and body lotion. We also donate some of our facial care products like our simply cleanse facial cleanser, calm toner, and nourish smoothing serum because we believe that it is also important for everyone to have the option of taking the best care of their face possible. This helps boost self-esteem, and lets people know that we believe they are important and we want to help them feel their very best. It also gives us the peace of mind to know that each recipient is given a safe, natural, top quality product free from dangerous chemicals.

Now we can share the joy of giving with all of you as we are teaming up to get these much needed hygiene products into the right hands. You can feel good knowing that you are directly helping contribute every time you purchase one of our products.
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